Calaguas Island

March 28, 2014

The day I fell in love again.

For six straight years, I’ve been exploring local nature beauties here and there. Truly, (almost) after every trip I would tell myself or my friends that I would visit that place again. But this time it’s different. This one’s a love at first sight. It’s a very convinced feeling that even before setting foot on the island, my inner self is already screaming that I would soon go back. Why? Oh! The island got that blue sky and perfectly shaped clouds, crystal clear water and white fine sand. Everything exhibits the proof that it is indeed one marvelous paradise! 😀


That’s not all. We also experienced a very good service of Waling-Waling Eco-Village (’ve got their own boat to service you from Paracale to the Island. They’ve provided a comfy and homey Kubol which sheltered us for two days. And last but certainly not the least, they’ve got a good chef and crew whom will serve your sumptuous meals that will leave you breathless. 😀

And how about those who want to try the infamous camping experience? Worry not as you may also consider Byahe ni Jhyng ( They arrange worry-free trips plus worth-keeping souvenir pictures (like below).



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